We get a lot of questions from interested people that wonder just how VoIP works and if it is really as good as the advertisements say. Our answer is always the same. Yes, it works just like they say and it is actually not at all difficult to understand. In fact, it is far less difficult to understand than most aspects of technology, which is perhaps why it is becoming so popular.

The Basics

To understand how VoIP works it is first essential to understand what it is. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which we know isn’t really helpful in expanding your knowledge, but it has been around for a long time.

Basically what VoIP does is that it turns your voice from sound into specific bits of information that the computer can sent out in packets, just like an email, message, document or anything else that you upload. This is done in the phone itself, which is why you have to have specific IP phones to use to make the system work.

You can use a regular phone, an analogue phone, with a VoIP system but you have to have an additional element, an ATA box (Analogue Terminal Adapter) that allows you to connect the old school phone to the box and then an Ethernet jack that allows you to connect the box to your internet.

As our customers will tell you this conversion is incredible fast and there is none of the lag or dropping of calls or data that was common with the first few generations of VoIP services.

Sound Quality

Today’s VoIP phone systems have crystal clear, perfect sound quality that is superior in many cases to a landline phone. In addition since they are not operating on the same system as cell phones as long as there is internet access you are going to have great call sound without any crackling, noises, static or breaking up.

Understanding how VoIP works should encourage you to check out these systems. They are usually lower cost, may offer free or very reasonable long distance, and give you the freedom to be completely mobile without having to forward calls or give out your cell phone number.